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Playing American football can be a dangerous sport especially if you are not wearing the proper gear. This holds true especially when you are playing in an open field rather than in a closed coliseum. Open fields are prone to the glare of the sunlight. This is hard situation to play with when you are facing the glare since you won’t be able to get 100% field of vision of the field because of the glare of the sunlight. This is how an eye shield is very effective. It greatly reduces glare so you can see clearly the playing field.

In terms of eye shields, the Elitetek Football Eye-shield visor is the most sought after add on to a football helmet today. Sunlight shouldn’t be a problem with a great eye shield, and Elitetek has basically solved that issue with this product. The great thing about this visor is that it has universal fitting adjustments for all football helmets available in the market today. The coating it uses is scratch resistant which is a big plus considering the physical nature of the game. It is also what is responsible for reducing glare. You will also be guaranteed that the visor is shatter proof and impact resistant, thus eliminating the chances of it causing injury to your eyes. You do have to confer with your league officials first before using it, to see if they allow tinted visors.

You need to take care of your eyes when playing football. Great players use eye shields that can protect their eyes at all times. So what a way to lavish your football partner by giving him running presents that increase the level of his play, such as these eye shields. So buy that perfect eye shield for him.

Sunlight shouldn’t be a problem with a great eye shield like Elitetek Football Eye Shield Visor. But if you have something else in mind, you can check out other eye shields available in the market today. has a list of all the best eye shields out in the market today. It should be able to help you out.

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